About us. (WiP)

Chat with us!

We try our best to let people use their favorite chat client to join us. Currently, we use native Matrix rooms which are also accessible via Jabber/XMPP and IRC. For pre-existing projects, their official chatrooms are bridged where possible, even if they're on the non-libre Discord platform. New projects should take advantage of FreeGameDev's cross-platform integration.

Official chatrooms

To join one such room called ROOM, configure your client according to the instructions below.


Room name: #libregaming-ROOM:tchncs.de


Room name: #libregaming-ROOM#tchncs.de@aria-net.org


Room name: #libregaming-ROOM on irc.libera.chat

Other communities and chatrooms

For on-topic chat about Libre Gaming, these are the active communities we are aware of.