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You can access LibreGaming chatrooms/server(s) from any of Matrix, XMPP, Libera.Chat or FreeGameDev irc.

Official chatrooms summary (Also available in the LibreGaming Matrix Space):

You may want to check the bottom of the page for more related communities such as FreeGameDev for FLOSS game development.

Matrix Space and Rooms

For new Matrix users, you can create an account here or on any other Matrix server (then optionally Install an App to use instead of the website).

Jabber/XMPP Channels

For new XMPP users, you can follow this link to get started with XMPP.

Libera.Chat IRC Channels

For new users, you can use Libera.Chat's webclient or pick and configure another IRC client then optionally register on Libera.Chat.

FreeGameDev (FGD) IRCv3 Channels

For new users, you can use FGD's webclient or use your favorite IRC client and configure it to (address:, port: 6697 ,TLS only) and optionally register on fgd.

Fun fact: All rooms are bridged via FreeGameDev IRC using its Matrix Gateway, XMPP Gateway and IRC bridge (matterbridge) for libera-chat.
Official LibreGaming rooms will not be connected to discord for numerous reasons.

Other communities and chatrooms

For on-topic chat about Libre Gaming, these are the active communities we are aware of.

We also maintain Libre Gaming Universe Matrix Space which is a collection all other Libre Gaming related communities on Matrix that we are aware of.