Libre Gaming meeting minutes #1


hribhrib, TtotheORY, emorrp1, Rampoina, infrared, seabass, f-a, poVoq, freem, Felix, Myrrdin, pkill9, franzo2, ericxdu, tofu


Get to know people and their background This meetings should be for: Setting a deadline for decisions; talking about the topics that came up; setting future goals. I think for opensource-focused communities like this it would be great to have like a "council" of people who WANT to take responsablities and make decisions BASED on the discussion of the community. What are the goals? What problems are we solving? What is Libre Gaming not about? What do we want to do differently this time around? Mechanism to send money around to share small one-off or ongoing costs. Currency? Writing content Improving the matchmaking bot - iterate on the current one, or write into a bot framework? LibreGames launcher?

What is Libre Gaming about

Development Multiplayer games? Discussing singleplayer games? Bringing together developers and play-testers Highlighting Libre games to play with Making it easier to people to play the games (Launcher / auto-updater)? GameDev/GameTest, PlayTogether, Communities, Games, Projects

Matrix, XMPP

New user familiarity (emorrp1: IRC and XMPP hard for new users, povoq; disagreed) Large public rooms Guest access Matrix has benefit of nested spaces, bridging and rich content recommend if you have no account yet hribhrib would delete, poVoq noticed people use IRC TBD TBD Get rid of this horrible Matrix stuff :p

Working Groups / Projects

Domain Name

Any Other Business

Game server hosting? Tutorials for easy game server hosting from home or a VPS? Matchmaking, organized tournaments? Host a reddit alternative? ? (only a frotend for reddit) Project room to highlight gaming projects by members inside libregaming. Project owners could benefit from call-for-help announcements, where advertising for volunteers/job positions is possible. For example, Derby Game by Open source_gaming is looking for an environment designer.